Grand Canyon, AZ

A colorful display of geological formations, the Grand Canyon is an immense beauty everyone should experience. Located in Northwest Arizona, the canyon is an incredible 277 miles long, up to 18 miles wide and one mile deep. In addition to breathtaking views the Grand Canyon National Park offers numerous activities year round, including hiking, nature walks, camping, bird watching, biking, mule rides and even helicopter tours. Learn more about the history in the park’s museums, galleries and visitor centers.

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Bright Angel Lodge

Bright Angel Lodge, designed in 1935, has a natural, rustic character, and is a Registered National Historic Landmark. Designed by famed architect Mary Elizabeth Jane Colter (Mary E. J. Colter), it has always been a popular place to stay and the center of South Rim activity. Located just a few feet from the Canyon rim, Bright Angel Lodge is the check-in point for the world famous Grand Canyon Mule Rides.

El Tovar

El Tovar Hotel, the premier lodging facility at the Grand Canyon, opened its doors in 1905 and was most recently renovated in 2005. In the past, the Hotel has hosted such luminaries as Theodore Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, Western author Zane Grey, and many others. Today, El Tovar retains its elegant charm. Located on the Canyon rim, it features a fine dining room (open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner), lounge and curio shop with newsstand.

Kachina Lodge

Located directly on the rim of the Grand Canyon, the Kachina Lodge is a great hotel for all guests visiting the South Rim.

Maswik Lodge

Maswik Lodge is a modern facility spread over several acres of ponderosa pine forest, located just 1/4 mile from the Canyon's edge. Maswik Lodge features a cafeteria that is open from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm. Here you will also find a sports bar with a wide screen TV, a curio shop stocked with handicrafts and gifts, and a transportation/activities desk.

Thunderbird Lodge

Conveniently located between El Tovar and Bright Angel Lodge, Thunderbird is a contemporary lodge located at the South Rim.

Yavapai Lodge

Yavapai Lodge is Grand Canyon National Park Lodges' largest facility and is surrounded by pinyon and juniper woodlands, about 1/2 mile from the rim. With modern rooms and many services within a few steps, this is a convenient choice for families. Yavapai East rooms feature in-room air conditioning and Yavapai West rooms have vaulted ceilings with ceiling fans. The Lodge is located next to the Market Plaza, which includes a general store, bank, and U.S. Post Office.


Grand Canyon Extended Getaway

5 Days - From $479

Williams > Grand Canyon > Williams

Enjoy the magnificent views of one of the seven wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon! Your scenic expedition begins in Williams, Arizona. This nature lover’s paradise is the perfect place to start your Grand Canyon Getaway. Discover the beautiful landscape of this charming town, home to one of the largest Ponderosa Pine Forests in the world. Then, you’ll board the Grand Canyon Railway and venture to the Canyon’s majestic South Rim to discover all the magic this natural wonder has to offer. The Grand Canyon is truly breathtaking and something you will never forget.

Motorcoach Freedom Rim Tour

Make the most of your time during the layover and see the canyon from different perspectives.

Motorcoach Grand Rim Tour with Buffet Lunch at Maswik Lodge

Make the most of your time during the layover and see the canyon from different perspectives. Take a break from your adventures to fuel up with lunch at the Maswik Cafeteria.

South Rim Airplane Tour

Your vacation to Grand Canyon National Park is sure to be an exciting and unforgettable experience, though ground tours allow you to see a only portion of all this magnificent canyon has to offer.

South Rim Airplane Tour

This sightseeing journey includes an airplane tour over the Grand Canyon as well as a guided ground tour with Buck Wild Hummer Tours.

Canyon River Adventure

Set off on a grand adventure that combines sightseeing via air, water, and land travel. This tour departs from the Grand Canyon National Park Airport on a scenic flight aboard a sightseeing airline. Sit back in air-conditioned comfort and witness the breathtaking scenery below you as the flight soars over the Grand Canyon's Eastern Rim, the Confluence of the Little Colorado River, and the sparkling expanse of Lake Powell.

Grand Kingdom - Helicopter with Hummer Tour

The Imperial Air Tour takes guests from our private heliport at Grand Canyon National Park airport out over the eastern rim of Grand Canyon. The views here are stunning as guests can easily see over a hundred miles of canyon.

Grand Kingdom - Helicopter with Hummer Tour

Prepare to be amazed by the sights offered in this Grand Canyon experience! First, you'll see the Grand Canyon by helicopter, then embark on a ground tour just in time for sunset.

North Canyon Helicopter Tour (Tour PGG-1)

Enjoy a memorable helicopter experience over the Southern and Northern Rims of the Grand Canyon.

Imperial Helicopter Tour (Tour PGG-2)

The Imperial Air Tour takes guests from our private heliport at Grand Canyon National Park airport out over the eastern rim of Grand Canyon. The views here are stunning as guests can easily see over a hundred miles of canyon.

The Grand Deluxe Tour

Climb aboard The Grand Deluxe Tour if you want the total East Rim Drive experience.

The Grand Entrance Tour

If this is a once-in-a-lifetime visit to the Grand Canyon or a return visit, your interpretive guide will leave you with an experience of discovery and wonder few will ever know.

Silver Spur Private Grand Canyon Tour

Prepare yourself for some of the most breathtaking views you will ever experience. This tour of the Grand Canyon South Rim originating in Flagstaff, Arizona takes you on an adventurous journey to one of the World’s Seven Wonders.


Grand Canyon Getaway

4 Days - From $429

Grand Canyon

Explore all the beauty the Grand Canyon has to offer on this fabulous 4-day getaway. Your scenic expedition begins in Williams, Arizona, where you will get the opportunity to surround yourself with nature in an outdoor lover’s paradise. Then, you’ll climb aboard the Grand Canyon Railway and venture where cars can’t – into one of the seven wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon, to explore its majestic South Rim. This journey allows you to discover the splendor of Grand Canyon National Park and all the beauty of the Canyon.


Grand Canyon & Sedona Getaway

4 Days - From $719

Grand Canyon

Take in all the majestic landscapes of the Southwest! Spend time exploring the quaint town before heading out for a full tour of the Grand Canyon, a wonder of the natural world with an expert guide to lead you. View the unequaled beauty of the red rocks of Sedona on a private, guided jeep tour. Keep your camera handy because there are so many amazing sights and experiences to take in during your Grand Canyon & Sedona Experience!


Grand Canyon Rail Getaway from Flagstaff

3 Days - From $449

Flagstaff > Grand Canyon > Flagstaff

Explore the best of the Southwest on this thrilling vacation! Depart from Flagstaff for Williams, AZ and a ride on the iconic Grand Canyon Railway. Enjoy the scenery as the train winds its way through the beautiful ponderosa forests on its way to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. Explore the Canyon’s South and East rims on a fully-guided motorcoach tour with a knowledgeable guide that will delight you with stories, jokes, and important facts about the Canyon and the surrounding area. An unforgettable experience awaits you on this 3-day trip!